Saturday, February 24, 2007

fluffalicious' first podcast! woot woot!

cuppa cuppa
hey everyone, natasha here! just wanted to voice my excitement for being propelled into the podcasting world! it seems like not so long ago that i started my blog, being natasha fialkov and then started selling on etsy and then got a website in addition and due to both of those things, met the lovely crafty barbe st. john and we became fast friends. and then...we thought we could do a podcast that was special. so here is to hoping that you gals and guys think it is special. and in a good way.

we would love to hear your input, anythings you would like to hear about, or see, tutorials? we know how to do lots of crafty and artsy things (and then some) so just ask! we also plan to have some contests with giveaways. know about something really amazing that we might fancy? let us know about it! we are both pretty open people (in fact, i am a TMI kinda gal, ask, i will likely tell you) so if there are things about us you would like to hear about...ask!

we have lots of things to do still, but you can expect lots of exciting things from us. lots!

leave us comments! we loooove comments. and you can say you knew us before we had the tv show and the movie and the books. okay?

warm fuzzies,

The first!

Hey everyone!

Heres our first Podcast! Its a little rough, and I managed to cut off the first 2 seconds of speech where I say "Welcome to Fluffalicious-your Fiber"
all you here is friendly podcast LOL

Oh well! We hope you enjoy it anyway! Please send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc... Also-we'd LOVE to see your versions of the tutorials! We are gonna create Flickr site and will post the info on here when we do.

We talked about my technology problems, a short intro on us, gave some tutorials: Natasha - knit armwarmers, Beaded Hair rubberbands by Future Momo, and paper beads by Natasha (Aug 25th).Dishwasher Dying tips by Shannon Okey and Natasha
Review of Babe electric wheels.
Books: Oscar & Lucinda by Peter Carey
Magazines: Craft
Shopping on, Frene Creek Farm, MaryJanes Attic
Art: Grainne Morton, Monster Crochet, Cass Holmes, Sara Lechner, Damien Hirst, Art Craziest Nation (lego portrayal of exhibitions), Velvet da Vinci