Saturday, February 24, 2007

The first!

Hey everyone!

Heres our first Podcast! Its a little rough, and I managed to cut off the first 2 seconds of speech where I say "Welcome to Fluffalicious-your Fiber"
all you here is friendly podcast LOL

Oh well! We hope you enjoy it anyway! Please send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc... Also-we'd LOVE to see your versions of the tutorials! We are gonna create Flickr site and will post the info on here when we do.

We talked about my technology problems, a short intro on us, gave some tutorials: Natasha - knit armwarmers, Beaded Hair rubberbands by Future Momo, and paper beads by Natasha (Aug 25th).Dishwasher Dying tips by Shannon Okey and Natasha
Review of Babe electric wheels.
Books: Oscar & Lucinda by Peter Carey
Magazines: Craft
Shopping on, Frene Creek Farm, MaryJanes Attic
Art: Grainne Morton, Monster Crochet, Cass Holmes, Sara Lechner, Damien Hirst, Art Craziest Nation (lego portrayal of exhibitions), Velvet da Vinci

1 comment:

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Nice podcast, packed with fun places to go and visit. I appreciate the links on the blog -- but Grainne Morton's didn't work?

On mohair -- generally it is coarse enough to itch. If you're not allergic, then the itch can be helpful in keeping you warm -- irritated skin generates heat! LOL As long as you can stand it, anyway.

Well, off to visit a few more of the links now ...