Tuesday, March 27, 2007

fluff-a-licious #2 up! woo hooo!

dyeing fiber
okay guys, natasha here...barbe already put up some of the links, i just wanted to add photos of the gorgeous work of elizabeth scott of es designs and the lovely animules from lookwhaticando.etsy.com...
lookwhaticando.etsy.com and esdesigns.etsy.com

and then the link for the amazing artistic stylings of wool and water the most fantastic paper dolls you have ever seen. and so much more. lovely.

the books, you ask? you wanna know about the books? okay...
crafter culture handbook and drawing from life, the journal as art. which again, is not a scrapbooking or altered book thing, but a sketchbook/journal in the old school sense (not that any of that is not fun!) and i am going to toss this one in, also, that i really loved...by hand, with kiki smith in it, one of my most favorite artists, evah! i would love to be a kiki! i am sure anyone name kiki would be way more fun! plus she has really long white curly hair. fancy.

i think that covers it for now. if there is anything we mentioned that i forgot about, please give a yell. and pop by our individual blogs to see what we are up to. trouble, most likely.

leave me comments, i lurve it!

both barbe and i have lots of stuff in our shops, so pop by and check it out! if you let me know in your order that you listened to the podcast, i will give ya free shipping and some other freebies, too. so go! now!

again, feel free to let us know if there is something you would like to hear about, a tutorial you would like to see (i am planning to do a dyeing one...dyeing for badasses. so if you aren't...fake it.) let me know and we will consider it, if we know how of course. or if you have a book we should know about, music, whatever.

mwah. mwah. mwah.


Sasha said...

Oooooh how exciting! I've just stumbled along your blog/podcast and can't wait to get home from work to download and listen! Thanks so much!

natasha said...

thanks sasha

carrie said...

Just ran across this new blog. Guess I'll have to become more tech and figure out how to do the podcast thing--at least how to download and listen to them!! Just adding that I love Elizabeth Scott's work. I bought myself a fantastic pair of garnet drop earrings a month or so ago, in oxidized sterling and they're my new favorites...I wear them everywhere!!

Midnight2sticks said...

Hi there-I was looking for Episode 2 in itunes-is there another place I can find it? Thanks!

marion said...

Hoi, I cannot get episode 2 in itunes too. Help.
I will spread the word of finding a spin-cast here in the netherlands.
bye, Marion from Alkmaar from the netherlands.